Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Will You Be Going Biblical When Naming Your Baby?

Naming our baby boy and baby girl is a very special event for all of us. We wait for days and months before deciding on a name and sometimes we know the name on the spot and wait for the child to be born. It is a very special and dedicated moment to become a parent. We hear out suggestions from our family and friends and then decide on a name which makes it all the more special.

During the earlier times, parents and many of our ancestors have lived by the bible and know the names along with the stories that line up with it. They knew many languages and Hebrew, Greek or Latin were just neighboring languages used for communication. Now we have the liberty to learn each language in depth and the sources to analyze and find out the meaning of each event that happened in the past. Such is the power of history and traditions that we follow. Here are a few popular biblical names for baby girls which has been in trend for a longer time than we know.

Gabrielle is one of the most beautiful names we have heard in a longer time. The beauty does not stop with just the way it reaches our ear but also stands tall as we love to call out the name many times. She has an origin from the hearts of the Hebrew language and possess the meaning “God’s bravest woman”. This name is popular in the United States and we know of many famous reel life characters and real life characters who are known by this name. The other famous styles of the name are Gabby, Gabriella according to the place you live in.

Hannah is similar in meaning to Grace and holds the meaning gracious and is derived from the Hebrew Language. According the New Testament, Hannah is the name of the mother of Samuel. As an added fact, Samuel means the one who is able to hear God. This name is popular in the United States, we all know Hannah Montana. However, this name became popular in the States only after the Reformation of Protestants. This is also used as a popular surname and it totally depends on the way we use it. The other varieties of this name is Hannelore, Hanne, Hana, etc.

Maria or Mary is considered a hearty name to keep for a newborn baby girl. With its roots derived from the Hebrew language from the word Miryam, Maria means a rebellious woman. Since there are many religions which follow the birth of Jesus in a different way, the name Maria holds different meanings according to the language used.  Some of it means bitterness, wisher of a child, etc. According to the New Testament, Mary is the name used by various characters; some popular ones are Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary. However, since this is a prevalent name among Christians, it is popular and reaches out to many quickly.

When we call Grace or Gracie, we feel nice about the name. Latin is known for its beauty among many other ancient languages. Grace means graceful and elegant woman derived from the Latin language. This name is famous among Christian families and those who have more than one daughter are sure to name any one of them with this name. Grace is a very popular name in the United States and in other parts of the world, the girls are named Gracie. The other versions of the name are Gracey, Grayce, Gracelynn, etc.

All names have a history. If we know the meaning of it, it makes it all the more wonderful.